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Lombok Island Tourism

Lombok Island Tourism - paket wisata lombok Lombok island tours can be one of the best holidays in the world you know. Many travelers feel more comfortable while on holiday to visit Lombok than Bali. Bali is known as heaven on earth. But wait, say that after you explore Lombok. When compared to Bali, Lombok has a spot-spotterbaik to surf Bangko-Bangko like Beach, Mawi beach, beach Selong, Belanak Beach, danbeberapa other. The majority of beaches in Lombokjuga still unspoiled, so the nuances of nature is still strongly felt. tour lombok Lombok is a paradise for surfers. Bali and Lombok island travel is the best tourist destination in Indonesia. However Lombok presenting to you more adventures. One of the places recommended were Pasing area. You struggle to reach this area will be commensurate with the heaven that awaits, namely Eka Beach. Lombok is also a perfect place for honeymooners. paket wisata lombok For a selection of romantic exotic place to another, you can visit Gili Nanggu. Exoticism island of Lombok will never run out. So you will remain fascinated though many times visiting this place. Speaking about the island of Lombok there is one place that you should know is the main line ni because if you visit the tourist spots. Mataram is the capital of the province of Nusa East West. While Ampenan an old harbor town (now been moved to the sheet). City Ampenan distinctively ancient architecture. In the city of Mataram (which has become an integral part of the city and town Ampenan Cakranegara) we could culinary tours, by eating foods which typically spicy Lombok.paket tour lombok Among others: • plecing kale • chicken plecingan • range chicken (spicy chicken marinade once), • beberok sauce. And many more are you going to ketemui if Travel Lombok Island. For information More details about tour packages chili, you can see it in the next article, just fun deh if you've come here. Welcome to the island of Lombok beloved mutiara lombok Related Articles: Lombok property

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